Kdrama OST (Pt.2)


Hello lovely people! It’s been a little over 2 years since my last OST post and well, a lot of dramas passed and I thought that it’s about time that I make a new list of songs that I got addicted to. Some of them might include songs from my last post because I roll like that LOL and some will be a bit old since I will be starting from the dramas that weren’t covered by my past post. Continue reading


[Sounds Track] You Who Came from the Stars OST

Since I already reviewed the drama itself, and the OST wasn’t included there due to it being a relatively long post.. I just went with reviewing the OST itself.

Before I go over to the tracks, have you seen the OST booklet of this? I’m not so sure that its a booklet or like a photobook or something but it definitely had pictures/stills from the drama, its actually quite thick so I don’t know of that’s all pictures or not but anyway…the OST has 2CDs. The first one has 9 tracks and the second one has 11. The second one is all instrumental, its all the stuff you hear when like Min Joon’s powers are not working or the moments where they just stare into space and think, or my fave… the one where one of them is jealous hihi. So I’m not gonna talk about the second one but it’s fun to listen if you’re into that kind of stuff. I’m not that good with the instrumental stuff but I can tell its mostly string and it has that classical but futuristic feel to it.

So what I’m going to talk about is the first CD that has the lyric-ed songs, Part 1-8 of the OST w/c was released during the airing of the drama. [Spoilers Alert]

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KDrama OST!

I promised that I would blog about my favorite OST Songs/Tracks and this might be a massive post since there a lot of songs in my list. This is a mixture of old and new OSTs that I got over the years [I know… but I’ve been watching Kdramas forever so… yeah] This isn’t in any order, I just write on what comes to my mind lol, so moving on…

Joo’s Korean Drama OST Faves : **the ones in BOLD are the ones I got addicted to

  • Loving You – Super Junior KRY [Panda and Hedgehog]
  • All for You – Seo In Guk & Eunji [Reply 1997]
  • 너라서 – Gong Yoo | Davichi [Big]
  • You Are So Beautiful – Kim Sunsu [Scent of a Woman]
  • Listen to You – Kyuhyun [Pasta]
  • Lovely Day – Park Shin Hye [You’re Beautiful]
  • Cupid – Girl’s Day [City Hunter]
  • all the songs in there are amazing!! [Dream High]
  • I Think I – Byul [Full House]
  • Perhaps Love – HowL & J [Goong]
  • 니 얼굴 떠올라 – Byul feat Shorry [I Miss You]
  • 너 아니면 안돼 – Yesung [Cinderella Sister] 
  • Dropping Rain – Kim Tae Woo [Personal Taste]
  • Like A Fool – 2AM [Personal Taste] (this has a really funny story attached… this played every single sad scene in that drama and I was watching in viki back then and there was this one comment that went “Pabocheoreooom” the exact moment the song played, so funny)
  • Will You Kiss Me – G.Na [Playful Kiss]
  • the whole of this OST is amazing as well [Secret Garden] That Man and Here I Am omg ;;
  • Too Love – Kim Junsu [Sungkyungkwan Scandal]
  • 너에겐 이별 나에겐 기다림 – Jaejoong [Sungkyungkwan Scandal]
  • 찾았다 – JYJ [Sungkyungkwan Scandal]
  • the legit coolest!! [You’re Beautiful]
  • 왜 이제야 왔니 – Jeong Yeop [I Hear Your Voice]
  • My Precious – Kim Hyo Jin [Marry Me Mary]
  • 부탁해, My Bus! – Jang Geun Suk [Marry Me Mary]
  • 안녕 – Hyorin [You Who Came From the Stars]
  • Touch Love – Yoon Mirae [Master’s Sun]
  • 그대 한 사람 – Kim Soo Hyun [The Moon that Embraces the Sun]
  • Good Bye – The Melody [Coffee Prince]
  • Couple – Sechs Kies [Reply 1997] (this was included in the director’s cut compilation of the music in the drama ^^)
  • 한참 지나서 – Baek Ji Young [Rooftop Prince]
  • Lucky – Ashily [Boys Over Flowers]
  • 시간을 거슬러 – Lyn [The Moon that Embraces the Sun]
  • 두근두근 – Sunny Hill [Greatest Love]

I think that about sums everything up, I can’t really remember most of the songs I have on my library… I have over 1000 songs in my kpop genre [including ost], plus it’s not really that organized so I might have forgotten some [plus some songs are written in alien language instead of hangul] so yeah ^^

~~ Happy Lunar New Year!!! It’s the Year of the Wooden Horse (it’s my year!! eeeeep ^^) I hope you all have a sticky Chinese new year!! I wish you good fortune and success!!! ^^ Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!!~~